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Wishing you Aloha, the sacred breath of life

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Aloha and Welcome - wishing you a true Aloha, the essence and sacred breath of life.


Raileanu Holistic Health & Mind, LLC (R-HHM, LLC) guides individuals to self-healing and empowerment by reconnecting with holistic eastern healing modalities.


R-HHM, LLC provides private holistic consulting services to individual clients which includes programs to improve overall wellness, balance, and clarity.


We partner with clients to help them achieve their optimal health:

· Physically

· Emotionally

· Psychologically

· Spiritually












“When you have a question look to the heavens, then close your eyes to find the answer.”
                 —— Linda Răileanu



“Learn that in your most hurried moments, ‘Pause’, for in ‘Stillness Comes Clarity’.”



* Explore one’s mind on the path to enlightenment

* Maintain balance in mind, body, and spirit

* Create a more calm approach to life

* Practice how to ‘take a pause’

* Find your internal locus of control

* Reconnect with yourself